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Testimonials & Birth Stories


Hypnobumps Baby Update!


As time passes I feel even more positive about the birth, and dare I say it - even nostalgic! I know I will take the hynobirthing strategies with me in all sorts of ways! What really set you apart was your unique approach that combined scientific research, midwifery knowledge, common sense, care and kindness. Jennifer, Carl, Seb & his big sister


We welcomed our baby boy Sebastian to the world in December. We are all besotted!


I managed the birthing suite and birthing pool. He arrived similarly to my first.


Thank you for your incredible support, knowledge and advice. You made us both feel very empowered, positive, informed and excited!


Whilst the experience was intense, I feel very positive about it and happy that it involved minimal intervention. 

Jennifer, Carl, Seb & his big sister

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